Welcome to the Online Teaching Digital Toolbox

This digital toolbox is a product of the Joint Programs: Embedding Virtual Exchange (JPROV) Project, as part of the Erasmus+ Knowledge alliance Unite!

This online repository contains the elements involved in creating joint online courses, including a technology toolbox, good online teaching practices, and a compilation of activities suitable for an online environment.

Explore all the different tools and resources below!

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Structures and administrative requirements

Joint programmes require the collaboration of administrators and teachers. This section contains the results of an administrator survey to help you in the design of your online joint programme. (coming soon!)

Build your digital course

Explore the three elements for building a digital course - digital tools, golden rules for online teaching, and the pre-loved practices that facilitate the learning process.

Recommendations and pre-loved practices

When designing your online course, what are the experiences of other practitioners? Learn what works for them in this toolbox of pre-loved activities.

Community events

Community campfire for members of the Unite! network on 14.6.2022 at KTH, Sweden 10:30-12:30 CET.